The Charter for Permanent Peace

A Declaration on the Charter for Permanent Peace

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    Ultimately we humans have only two paths to follow: peace and destruction. Faced with relentless nuclear weapons development, once nuclear warfare erupts the whole world will be covered in ashes, and recovery will take thousands of years. Thus we affirm: peace is life, the truth, and the only absolute truth, as well as the highest truths — moral; political and economic; thought and belief; philosophy and science.


    Permanent peace is the eternal truth. The Charter for Permanent Peace is the eternal road to truth, a path that beckons human beings to walk toward the truth, to end foreign troubles, to extinguish nuclear weapons, and to move onto a path to lasting happiness. Any nation that adopts the Charter for Permanent Peace will be a sun for all humankind, lighting up darkness throughout the world, and acting as a prized strategic partner of the United Nations.


    This path of life and truth requires ongoing repair and strengthening from human beings, taking time to compare and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of domestic law and universal law (Refer to the database of this association) to increase wisdom, discover truths, honor values, and construct the framework for a global system that the world’s 249 political entities can operate permanently. This system will eventually become the new absolute law (compulsory law) under the provisions of the International Convention on the Law of Treaties (Article 64).


    This path to peace does not threaten a single person, and whatever its title may be — Charter for Permanent Peace or Absolute Law (Compulsory) / Eternal Law (Time) / Laws of the Sun (Space) / World Law (System) — it will remove the iron shackles of those still suffering under the world’s 50 remaining autocratic regimes. Thus more than two-thirds of the world's suppressed people will lose only their chains and iron curtains, while gaining the right to join the rest of humankind and live in truth and order.