Permanent Peace Partnership
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Permanent Peace: Two Basic Concepts
1.Permanent peace and universal law
2. Constitutional standards and unity among all nations
Permanent Peace: 28 Basic Propositions
   1.Freedom to Found a Nation
   2.Freedom under Unity
   3.Voting Frequency
   4.Election Procedures
    5.Building a nation with Democracy
   6.Democracy under Unity
   7.Open Legislation
  15.Building a Nation with Rule of Law
  16.Rule of Law under Unity
  17.Constitutional Guarantees
  18.Global Legislation
  19.National Legislation
  20.Local Legislation

  21.Global Administration
8.Open Administration
9.Term of office for national leaders
10.Defense of Democracy
11.Building a Nation with Human Rights
12.Human Rights under Unity
13.National Decentralization
14.International Decentralization
22.National Administration
23.Local Administration
24.Granting of Sovereignty
25.Justice and Prosecution
26.Ruling Prediction System

27.Justice and Rulings
28.Constitutional Review
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