Permanent Peace Partnership
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The Road to Truth≣The Charter for Permanent Peace≣The Road Forward for Taiwan, China, and the World

Ultimately we humans have only two paths to the future: peace and destruction. In the face of endless nuclear weapons development, once nuclear warfare breaks out, everything will be reduced to ashes and recovery will take thousands of years. This means Peace is Life, the Truth, the only Absolute Truth, and it is all the highest truths of justice-morality; politics-economics; thought-belief; philosophy-science; and metaphysics.

Permanent Peace is the eternal truth. The Charter for Permanent Peace is the eternal road to truth; that is, it will guide human beings to walk with the truth, to end foreign troubles, to eliminate nuclear weapons, and to embark on the path of Permanent Bliss. A nation that embraces the Charter for Permanent Peace will be like a sun for humanity, illuminating all darkness in the world, and the most sacred strategic partner of the United Nations.

In principle, this road to life and truth requires unceasing reflection and thought by all human beings. As for methods, we can increase wisdom, discover truth, and realize value by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of domestic law and universal law (see the database of this association). This will yield a peace system in which 244 political entities around the world can function permanently, becoming the new absolute law (mandatory law) of the International Convention on the Law of Treaties (Article 64).

This peace system, whether it is called the Charter for Permanent Peace, or Absolute Law (Compulsory) / Eternal Law (Time) / Sun Law (Space) / World Law (System), is capable of removing the shackles of those still oppressed in the world’s 50 remaining dictatorships. With that the more than 2/3 of the world’s suppressed people will lose their chains and iron curtains, as well as the violence and lies that keep them as second-class citizens. They will suffer no other loss, and they will live in truth – free to build their own lives.

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