The Asian Permanent Peace Act


Given that the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a thousand years, the development of devastating new secret weapons is accelerating, situations are changing rapidly, global military exercises continue to increase, and war has become an unavoidable destiny for humanity. It has become an inescapable destiny for mankind and once war breaks out, the end result will be devastating. Recognize also although world leaders have worked to instill a system of permanent peace in the past half century, it has been riddled with vacuums and blind spots. Thus, the "Asia-Pacific Alliance for Permanent Peace" (hereinafter, “the Alliance”) believes in permanent peace (i.e.-Permanent Peaceable-ism) and proposes the Asian Permanent Peace Act (hereinafter referred to as the Permanent Peace Charter/this constitution) before it is too late (before the high seas or nations are annexed by totalitarian powers and before war erupts), without controversy involving alteration of national names, national territory or international understandings policies, a peace system that any national or sub-national government can adopt and use independently and permanently to prevent, detect, and solve all peace-related problems by filling in and eliminating vacuums and blind spots. To this end, we seek international support for any region or nation’s model for permanent peace law, to achieve the goal of One Solar System under One Set of Laws at varying speeds through voluntary cooperation;

1. Everyone has rights and responsibilities regarding the survival or loss of humanity and the earth: Ultimately, we humans have only two paths to the future: Peace or Destruction. Russia announced on August 28, 2020 (Reuters) that the Tsar Bomba tested in the Arctic 60 years ago was 3,333 times as powerful as the atomic bomb which shattered Hiroshima. Russia fabricated 50 Tsar Bomba to counter Trump's withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. From the seabed to outer space, with endless development of nuclear and biochemical weapons, once nuclear or chemical warfare erupts everything will be burnt to ashes; confirming that peace is the ultimate and the only eternal truth, the life and the way forward; it is also the best and unbeatable universal value. Peace must be permanent, otherwise it is no more than a ceasefire or armistice. Peace cannot be maintained forever by force alone. History has shown repeatedly that no matter how strong an empire may be, any war or battle must eventually return to the domestic battlefield of "system performance" to verify the quality of the system and determine the nation's ability to handle chaos. To maintain domestic and international peace and order, it is necessary to construct a set of constitutional standards (ISO) for basic laws of a nation. It is necessary to first change yourself as a starting point for acting to change others, and promote the ideal of “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno(One for all, all for one). Human rationality and the concepts of "unchanging, eternal, universal and inevitable", will then generate and maintain the eternal order of One Solar System and One Legal System";

2. One Earth and One Set of Public Laws; Everyone Is Equal before the Law: To Maintaining world order—with "one solar system, one set of legal systems" in a union of natural law, truth, philosophy and jurisprudence. Permanent Peace is the eternal truth and jurisprudence. When truth and jurisprudence conflict with national conditions and the people’s conditions, what needs to be adjusted is national conditions and the people’s conditions rather than truth and jurisprudence; whenjus cogens conflicts with international law, it is international law that needs to be adjusted; when international law conflicts with domestic law, domestic law must be adjusted. According to this human rational legal hierarchy, order is essential to maintain and promote human civilization. For this reason, strive for “A Better Me, A Better We, A Better World” in order to achieve a community with a shared future for humanity. We stand here before history and humanity to propose a global constitution to be achieved through voluntary cooperation and at different speeds;

3. Requirements for Implementing the Permanent Peace Act: This Constitution is pushing to pass the world (common) law and deepen the UN’s taking "people" as the main subject structure with its supranational level (international organization) ↹ "national level" ↹ "sub-national level" (state, province, district, federal republic). Such a three-tiered system will be applicable to any nation, confederation or federal self-governmant. For example, the U.S., Germany and Argentina all have state constitutions. Other examples can be seen in China's Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and the other 33 administrative regions, all of which have distinctive federal (multiple) autonomy charters, which should all follow the basic principles of universal constitutions: (1)Schutzklausen(Safeguard clauses) to protect the basic rights of people; (2)Bindungsklausen(Binding clauses) ~ compel the government to make things right, rather than let them remain wrong; (3) Verfassungsauftrag(Empowerment clauses) / Constitutional mandates ~ stipulate that legislators are empowered by the Constitution and international law to formulate laws, (4) Programmsätze(Program sentences)/ Staatszielbestimmung (Determination of national goals)~~ these clearly state that policies should be consistent with Permanent Peace for the mankind and sustainable development on the earth; the same as the kingdom’s realms of truth, goodness, beauty, and sanctity. The Charter will be presented to the world forever as a "Constitution of Constitutions", "Morality of Moralities", "Faith of all Faiths" and "Fraternity for all Fraternity"; it reveals the natural mechanism is like natural law and protects jus natural (natural rights) like the basic great law, in the legal world where the human system has become an irreplaceable eternal Great Law, universally adopted and effectively obeyed in civilizations around the world.

4. Requirements for Operating the Permanent Peace Act: (1) The operational formulas of constitutional government are applicable to all governments and their respective agencies (figure at right); (2) Inspect validity: Diagnose major global news links to this constitution, to increase wisdom and pursue the truth. Realize true value, the accumulation of hundreds of thousands of questions and solutions over the past 50 years (see the official website of this Alliance); (3) The feasibility of the investigation: taking authoritarian regimes as an example, the next step is already in place and can be seamlessly integrated, followed by direct transition to constitutional standards (ISO) to continue operation, all agencies and public officials shall complete their current office terms as the Central Federation and local governments work out detailed rules; Other referendums and constitutions can also be carried out in one step. (4) Enhance the dignity of people: Based on the unity of all laws (all laws in one, and all belong to you and me), simply by using your smart-phones, you can control your own conscience and soul and compare the advantages and disadvantages of all laws and use them according to the law (see our database). Anything the state has, you and I will also have, plus necessary and sufficient conditions for true permanent peace and development. You and I will naturally become perfect citizens of the world and the creators of permanent peace, reversing the destiny of humanity in one fell swoop and becoming one part of the eternal world; (5) this charter is running to operate forever until it proves to be the "whole world’s system of laws most worthy of defending with human lives" for thousands of years to come;

5. The Realization of the Ideal and become a great politician, great strategist, great constitutionalist, great philanthropist, great educator...: Whereas recognition of “politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed”, “war is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument; war is a mere continuation of policy by other means.” All politics must conform to political goals through the constitution and control the people's political and economic livelihoods through the law. In all wars, rulers are the sword and the people are fish. "Don't be afraid of not knowing the goods, just be afraid of comparing goods." Seeing is believing: within a second, by using one’s mobile phone to compare everything [Fig. 4-Constitutional Operations], you will become the master of your community, your nation and the world. Whether in regard international law or domestic law, the ultimate goal for laws is to protect human rights. Human rights are natural rights, not a gift from rulers. The people have the right to be like "people". The right to make a constitution always belongs unconditionally to the people; it lies with the people and cannot be transferred. Making a constitution does not need to according to any laws, the only requirement is that democratic procedures be followed and the constitution serves as the most rational tool for human peace:

The Asian Permanent Peace Act (ISO Model Draft)

Two Key Concepts of Permanent Peace and Development

1. Create a world under the rule of law for mankind's permanent peace, and promote the International Standards (ISO) for constitutional functions.

2. Create an institutional organization for the sustainable development of the earth and promote the International Standards (ISO) of government functions.

Twenty-Eight Principles—Standards for Permanent Peace (aka, the 228 Charter)

Introduction: (1) Each of the following items is a sufficient and necessary condition and element for Permanent Peace and a prerequisite for constitutional interpretation.

(2) The Signatories to this constitution and citizens who promote the formulation of the constitution are the saviors/founders of global peace.

(3) Each of the following items compares all the charters/constitutions through the world's largest legal comparison database (see website), and scientifically summarizes them in 28 articles: We have all the rights and advantages of the people of other nations. The basic standards are listed below:

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Chapter One. Permanent Peace - Rights and Duties of the Peoplee

Article 1. Permanent Peace "Standards of Freedom”

1.Freedom as the Foundation of Nation Building: To ensure human dignity, universal values, the authenticity of messages and freedom of media are the sufficient and necessary conditions in general foundations of a country in permanent peace, security, stability, development, justice, welfare, morality, and belief.

2.Freedom to Save the World: To protect personality rights, universal values, permanent peace and sustainable development of the time/contents of elections and referendums similar to Switzerland or California—areas with the highest per capita income.

3.Political Participation Formula: Participants in politics should pass the constitutional and international law graded examination, with a question bank published at least one year ahead of testing. All electronic media should provide at least one hour per week free of charge for political parties and candidates.

4.Defense of Freedom: Freedom comes at a cost. Any action which abuses freedom of speech, misuses the media, spreads false information, or attacks with intent to harm the liberal democratic order shall be forbidden. Voting should be mandatory in all congressional elections.

Article 2. Permanent Peace "Standards of Democracy"

5.Democracy as the Foundation of Nation Building: The People have the right to self-determination in politics, economy, society, and culture, and they have unconditional guarantee of basic income. Create a democracy which contains the virtues of truth, goodness, beauty and sanctity, perfecting yourself, consolidating the state and consolidating the world.

6.Democracy to Save the World: A completely democratic country serves as the motherland; where there is freedom, that place is the hometown. Citizens shall spread the gospel of peace around the world and be worthy of the same kinds of compulsory service and promotion as military, public and educational personnel.

7.Open Legislation: To promote common nations of the world. Model a global constitution, construct a common law for all humanity and participate in our nation’s legislation in accordance with the law on behalf of both enemies and friends, with one person representing each nation and with the same rights as native representatives.

8.Open Administration: To promote the human family. Enhance the competitiveness of leaders and build sustainable momentum for national power by allowing any citizen of a nation that is recognized as fully democratic to participate in elections for leaders at all levels of government in accordance with the law.

9.Tenure of Governors: Elected leaders shall serve no longer than five years; within 6 years of leaving the office neither they nor close relatives may run for the same office according to the law. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the permanent peace of this constitution and the amendment of the constitution to change the term of office shall not be established.

Article 3. Permanent Peace "Standards of Human Rights"

10.Human Rights as the Foundation of Nation Building: Create life values, adopt constitutional standards, improve resource allocation and advance Permanent Peace. These are the most sacred rights of the people and the most urgent obligations of the nation.

11.Human Rights to Save the World: Human rights issues are a global internal affair. Legislatures may not legislate to restrict or deprive the world of human rights standards. Prohibited dissemination of text, words, videos, and audio should be accomplished through due legal process.

12.Human rights and humanitarianism: Ensure that “people” are the main subject at the supranational level↹national level↹subnational level ~ Human rights laws should be comparable to humanitarian law, and under no circumstances should human rights be trampled on.

13.National Separation of Powers: The constitution provides solutions to all problems and implements them in daily life ~ the heads of administrative, prosecutorial and trial agencies are directly elected, the electoral system design on yearly and department; a portion of the national legislature shall face election each year.

14.International Decentralization: Human destiny demands that one-half of the members of the Human Rights Action and Citizenship Exercise Committee be appointed by international human rights organizations and have all the personnel rights of the National Communications Commission in accordance with the law.

Article 4. Permanent Peace "Standards of Rule of Law"

15.Rule of Law as the Foundation of Nation Building: Compile all laws into one set of laws. International law shall take precedence over domestic law with direct impact on the rights and duties of the people. All laws of all nations shall be incorporated into domestic law, which will be of universal value, and people can choose the laws best suited to their needs.

16.Rule of Law to Save the World: One Solar System, One System of Law. Nations shall act in accordance with jus cogens and international law as a national obligation. No state is allowed to violate international law on the grounds that it is not a signatory or that it contravenes domestic law.

17.Constitutional Guarantees: globalization of constitutionalization; localization of constitutionalization; modernization of constitutional interpretation; and accountability for constitutional violations. The president, representatives of public opinion, and military, public, religious or religious “leaders” all serve as guarantors of the Constitution.

18.Defense of Peace: Any person preparing to commit an offense specified in any words and/or deeds that obviously endanger national security or advocate or incite or offer comfort or help to the enemy, or crimes against peace, or crimes involving international law, should be prevented and banned.

Chapter Two. National Basic Organization

Article 5. Permanent Peace "Standards for Concurrent Legislative Powers"

19.Global Legislation: Global Concurrent Legislative Powers – National and sub-national levels have legislative power only where laws have not been enacted at the supranational level (international organizations). The Legislation Law shall be prescribed by law.

20.National Legislation: Ensure that a third force effectively checks and balances any party's stabs at monopoly or oligopoly. Apply all laws of all nations and allow rolling reform and standardized integration. Sixty days before annual elections, the global competition ranking of each department's operations should be announced.

21.Regional Legislation: Under this Charter, subnational autonomy and foreign relations must not lag behind other countries . Lawmakers shall serve a term of two years . Grassroots public opinion has the right to reach the legislature and be heard at legislative and international levels .

Article 6. Permanent Peace "Standards for Concurrent Administrative Powers”

22.Global Administration: Implement a global governance system. Global Concurrent Administrative Powers ~ when performing missions for the UN or other international organizations, domestic governments at all levels shall serve as internationally-empowered executive agencies.

23.National Administration: Everyone is the master of the country and the president of the president; the President is directly elected; the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers must be native born and have a public opinion base; the Prime Minister oversees government operations and is in charge of national defense.

24.Local Administration: States, provinces, and districts at the subnational level are all public legal persons that are one of the main bodies in the global governance system. All local legislative, executive, judicial, social, economic, language and cultural operations shall enjoy complete autonomy.

Article 7. Permanent Peace "Standards for Judicial Prosecution”

25.Judicial Prosecutors: Ensure procedural justice. The procuratorate shall be independent and headed by a chief elected by the people. Local chief prosecutors and deputy prosecutors are elected using one-vote balloting, and first and second deputies will be ranked according to the number of votes received. If the investigation has been completed, the local chief prosecutor and deputy prosecutors together to decide to initiate a prosecution or not.

26.Judicial Prosecution: Ensure that no one is above or exempt from international law and no one is not protected by the law. Implementation of justice projects shall follow the priorities according to legal rankings, and the prevention, discovery and prosecution of crimes and a trial ruling prediction system shall be extended.

Article 8. Permanent Peace "Standards for Judicial Trials”/u>

27.Open Justice: Judicial independence, the heads of justice are elected by the people and are directly responsible to the people. International law receives the highest priority. Half of all justices shall come from the six continents of the world and all shall have lifetime tenure; and constitutional amendments cannot be accepted.

28.Open Constitution: Ensure permanent peace, constitutional global agreement, global constitutional review of unconstitutional laws and violations of the constitution or international law. If no remedy is available for global constitutional issues, unconstitutional global reviews, or exclusion of unconstitutional or international laws, everyone has the right to resist.


Awaiting amendments: Before it is too late, accelerate the achievement of a great cause for the people, a great love for mankind, a great law for the world, a great virtue for all generations, and a global constitution. The "only cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy". Make available the technology to compare advantages and disadvantages of the legal systems and promote a permanent peace system of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness. Detailed rules shall be worked out by judges in the system.

Awaiting blessings: Considering on the huge peace system and the need to create the necessary structure for permanent peace, only international organizations, the legislatures of democratic nations or other internationally influential people’s signatures or legislative support will inspire the 4.5 billion people living under oppression in Asia to bravely pursue the Permanent Peace Standards (ISO) and become an integral part of the world.

Waiting for a favorable opportunity: As long as there is national legislative support, Permanent Peace will inevitably arise. Asia’s eternally futile masses will lose only their iron curtains and chains, violence and lies, with no other losses. They will achieve self-actualization and enjoy long prosperity alive with truth, goodness, beauty, and sanctity. In the torrent of history, the Permanent Peace Act will reveal the secrets of heaven to become the "ultimate system" that mankind can trust and pursue without hesitation.



NGO Asia-Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance (Taiwan MOI Group approval letter no. 1090281390)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mentor of Asia-Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance

Asia Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance Chairman: Chien-ming Huang

Asia Pacific Permanent Peace Alliance CEO: Sheng Xue


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